Al Iman

“I was going to give up after all the refusals I was getting from several FI’s but Tamweeli saved me. Thank you Tamweeli for helping me and special thanks to your great team.”

Medical Center

The Doctor stated that “Tamweeli helped me by providing accounting software, extensive professional training, and other financial tools. We have increased our net revenue by more than 21% in the first few months and by more than 5.5% over the last six months. The software company's staff also supported me with my business plans for future expansion.”

The Union of Stone and Marble in Palestine

"Tamweeli provided the USM with a professional accounting software in addition to technical support to use the system in order to develop and analyze financial reports. In addition to that, Tamweeli helped to efficiently manage membership fees, bank accounts".

More than 10 Million were financed through Tamweeli


Female Owned Projects




Financed loans less than USD 500 Thousand
607 Financial Accounting Software were provided


Trading and Services Projects




Businesses in Marginalized Areas