La Rein

MEII through its technical assistance program provided and trained me on accounting software to handle my sales, procurements and inventory specially that I have a large variety of products. La Rein owned equally between me and my friend, the accounting software helped us to distribute part of the profits and to reinvest the remaining in the business.

Pets’ Paradise

When I opened my business I invested all my savings to start the business I dreamt of since my childhood, the initiation of my business went very well but, afterward there was a demand for more variety of birds and fish in addition to other designs and sizes of cages and pots. I registered on Tamweeli platform since I can’t leave my store. I got offers from three financial institutions and I selected the most appropriate for me “thank you Tamweeli”

Ramallah & Al Bireh Governorates’ Chamber of Commerce and Industry

MEII and the Chamber has a long time partnership to provide training and technical assistance on financial analysis & accounting for economic activities of the Chambers’ members specially women, in addition to assisting them to obtain the most appropriate finance offer either for business or personal uses through Tamweeli Platform.

More than 11 Million were financed through Tamweeli


Female Owned Projects




Financed loans less than USD 500 Thousand
1390 Financial Accounting Software were provided


Trading and Services Projects




Businesses in Marginalized Areas